The Next Time You Buy Business Cards

Notecards1Here's a great tip I picked up from Eric Mack's blog for the next time you order business cards.

When you return from a conference, you'll ordinarily bring back a stack of business cards.  When I receive the card, my habit is to note the date, occasion, what we discussed and my follow-up action.  Your pile of cards will look something like the photo on the right.

Eric writes, "Some of the people I gave my card to took meticulous notes on the back, while others simply placed them their coat pocket.  For this latter group, I wonder if, now that a week has gone by if they even remember what we spoke about and why I gave them my card in the first place."

Notecards2_1 "It occurred to me that I could do something simple but powerful to increase the likelihood that people I gave my business card to would take notes and define the next define the next action on the back -- I could print a next action form on the back of my cards. Now I know that there's not a lot of room on the back of a business card to begin with, however, a simple trigger list should be sufficient to encourage folks to think of and write down the most important keywords that will help them deal with these business cards when they get around to processing them.

Here's what I've come up with so far (see above).

What if everyone did this?

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