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Originate, business development, law firm marketingThe new issue of Originate! -- the business development newsletter -- is now online.

This issue features a host of lawyers talking about business development and three installments in a series of articles detailing valuable business development initiatives. From finding your signature style to the ins-and-outs of networking to the sales moment of truth, you'll find a lot of items to add to your marketing brief.

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Lead Article: The Green Marketing Mentality: Better Results from Fewer Resources

Go Green in your marketing and business development, advises Darryl Cross. No, it’s not about wasting paper or saving water; it’s about getting the most out of your valuable time and money. This article rethinks the priorities for your marketing in a time of pressure and suggests a 4Rs approach that can make a big difference for you.


A Comfortable Sales Call: The Path Less Taken

Fifth Stage of the 12 Step Pipeline: In Andy Havens’ ongoing series about managing your sales pipeline, it’s the moment of truth: when you actively aim to turn your contact into a client; when you’re on a sales call. You’ve been aiming to make the prospective client comfortable with the notion of hiring you. So keep doing that as you sell.


Making Marketing Authentic: Your Signature Style as a Mediator

In this first of a three part series of articles on how to market a mediation/ADR practice, Diana Mercer, Esq. advises finding a Signature Style for yourself to keep your marketing genuine. This involves figuring out how to be yourself in your business development and find your niche. Her specific recommendations can help any lawyer improve how they market their specialty services.


A Silver Lining in Today’s Economic Cloud: How to Convert Spare Hours to Billable Ones

Despite the fearful news in the profession and shrinking business, one of the best ways to stay positive is to take action. According to Cindy Rold, Esq., as reported by Janet Ellen Raasch, you can use the ‘gift’ of newly available time to build relationships for the future. Here are ten ways to do so.


Best Practice Tips


Think Benefits: Turning Your Bio into a Magnet for Business

In this first of two articles on making your bio more effective as a business generator, Larry Bodine, Esq. hammers home the importance of thinking benefits, not features, in your description of yourself. Add the right emphasis and some conversations starters as well, and you're on the way to attracting leads.

Marketing Tip: Build Your Reputation Using Multiplication Marketing

Work hard, but work smart in your business development advises Michael Cummings. Use the power of multiplication marketing – a focused message delivered in myriad ways – to truly grab the attention of your prospective clients, get prospects to contact you, and produce money-making results. Here's how to do the math!

Kicking Sand on the Big Guys: How to Network Your Way to Larger Corporate Clients

Now there are more opportunities than ever for lawyers in small and mid-sized firms to gain legal work from large corporations. But you need to put yourself in position to make the short lists, and that means building your network of relationships wisely. Thom Singer offers five tips for getting on large companies’ radar and taking business from the big firms.

Marketing Tip: How to Make Networking Events Work for You

Networking works best if it is done with forethought.  Larry Bodine, Esq. offers top tips for a winning game plan, so you can make your next networking event your most effective - from planning to follow-through.

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