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13 Internet Slangs with Unexpected Alternate Meanings

Thanks to Mashable for these ineffable internet homonyms. You may have thought you were using a three-letter acronym to say something simple, but it turns out to have a secondary meaning that you didn't intend.

 You wrote But it also means
LOL: laughing out loud Little old lady, shorthand used by doctors.

BRB: be right back

Big Red Button, an important, non-descript button associated with a power, reset, detonation, self-destruction, emergency shut-down, or ejection switch.
IDK: I don't know “Ident-A-Kid,” the largest child-identification program in the United States.
BFF: best friends forever Binary File Format, a procedure for storing computer files encoded in binary code.
OMG: Oh my God! Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. One of the most notorious OMGs in America is the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, founded in 1935.
PLZ: please

Known in aviation as the airport code for the Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa, which recently saw increased traffic due to the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

CYA: see ya

Cover your ass
BTW: by the way British Traditional Wicca, the Neo-Pagan religion Wicca that has origins in the New Forest area of England.
FML: F*ck My Life, a popular site for telling screwed up life stories Family and Medical Leave
DOS: disk operating system Dreaded Orange Spots, which have been plaguing soap-makers for ages, and apparently no one really knows why they show up
ROFL: rolling on the floor laughing Clan 52 of Medievia, better known as “Rogues Of the Forbidden Legion.
THX: thanks THX sound system, created by Tomlinson Holman for the third Star Wars film, to ensure optimal sound quality.
 BC: because  Before Christ
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Ian Brodie - July 13, 2010 2:07 PM

LOL often means (at least in the UK) "lots of love". I know many people who end their texts to loved ones this way.

So when they get messages from more internetty folks saying lol it kind of takes them aback...


always10list - April 25, 2013 4:32 AM

LOL. Now I know whats ROFL means. Thanks for this list and mashable too. My friends always pm me about ROFL... and i just don't get it.

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