Law Firm Marketing Insight: Twitter Remains a Niche Phenomenon

Twitter, online social networking, law firm marketingOnly 8% of online Americans use Twitter, according to new research by the Pew Research Center.

What's more, as notes, only about 36% of Twitter users actively use the service, while 41% hardly check their accounts if at all.  This is something that law firm marketers should keep in mind in their social media plans.

Meanwhile, Business Insiders notes that 6% of U.S. adults comes out to fewer than 15 million people, which doesn't jibe with Twitter's claims of about 65 million U.S. users.

"Unless 50 million American teenagers (Pew didn't count them) are on Twitter, there's a huge discrepancy there," Business Insider writes. "The problem is that when Twitter talks about how many users it has, it uses the total number of accounts it has signed up. That means everyone who tried the service and quit, everyone who has signed up for more than one account, and every account run by a bot is included in the total." 

Still, if not quite 50 million, couldn't teens make up a reasonable share of Twitter's user base? Not a chance, insists a 16-year-old ReadWriteWeb guest blogger. If you hadn't heard, "Teens don't tweet," the anonymous contributor explains. "Quite simply, why would teenagers bother using Twitter when Facebook exists, and offers so much more?"

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