7 Reasons You Should NOT Create Video to Market Your Law Firm

Gerry Oginski, law firm marketing, legal marketing, lawyer videoThis is a guest post by my friend Gerry Oginski, a medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer in New York and also the founder of the Lawyers Video Studio.

He is the leading expert on creating lawyer videos. Gerry helps fellow lawyers create an entire video library that educates and teaches consumers and potential clients about information they need to know.

1.   Personal Referrals

We all know that personal referrals are the best and most trusted source for new business. You certainly don’t need to create video to market to your referral sources. That is of course assuming that you already have a trusted referral network who already knows you and loves you. Assuming for the moment that you have a devoted group of followers who eagerly send you new cases on a regular basis and you don’t want any more new cases, then by all means do not create video.


2. TV Ads

If your TV advertising is bringing in so much profitable work that you do not need any additional cases, then it goes without saying you should not be creating video to market your practice online. Simply continue to pay tons of money to produce and air your commercials on the same time slots. If your ROI (return on your investment) is good with your TV ads, then you do not need online video.


3. Yellow Pages

If you are one of the few lawyers who is still using the yellow pages and are getting good results, then this article will probably confirm your desire not to create any video to market your practice. If you find that relying solely on an outdated and outmoded means of communication succeeds in getting more potential clients, then you do not need onine video. With luck, you will be up to grow your business exponentially as the yellow pages continues to become less and less relevant every day.


4. Networking

If you go to legal networking events 3 to 4 times a week, then you are likely getting tons of calls and referrals from your networking sources. In that case, you certainly wouldn’t want to create video to market your practice since you are generating lots of business from your networking.I do have a few important questions though. Does your networking work in the middle of the night? Does it work when you are on vacation? Does it work on the weekends when you’re not at a networking event? If it does, then you already have what online video can do for you.


5. You Have an Online Presence

Congratulations! You, along with millions of other lawyers in the United States have a website. When you created your website you must have thought that you were the only lawyer around with such a beautifully designed online brochure. I am sure you have great content that you update on a frequent, consistent basis. I’m also sure that your SEO experts have enabled you to maintain excellent placement in the search engines.


But let me ask you: How many people who actually come to your website become paying clients? How long do they stay on your website? When they call your office, do they tell you how much they love the information on your website and they feel as if they’ve gotten to know you, like you and trust you from photographs of a courthouse, a flag or a gavel? If the answer is yes, then you probably do not need to create video to market your already successful online practice.


6. You Already Have Video

If you have five videos, why would you want to create 50 more? Why would you ever want to create 100 more? I’m sure that every time someone does a search for your legal specialty, all five of your videos show up on the first page results. I’m sure that your five videos are doing so remarkably well that everybody who called your office has viewed all five of your videos and have decided unequivocally that you are the only lawyer for them.


I’m sure that the content you created in those videos are so compelling that everybody who starts to watch your videos becomes a caller. In all likelihood, you have created those videos on your own. Good for you. You’re a renegade. You understand technology and the hundreds of steps involved in creating great quality video that is properly formatted, edited, search engine optimized and distributed online. You must have lots of time on your hands to be able to do all that.



7. You Don’t Believe That People Watch Video

You also don’t believe that anyone in their right mind would pick up the phone to call a lawyer after watching a lawyer video. Besides, nobody watches video online anyway. If that conclusion is based on anecdotal stories from your colleagues, then obviously you do not want to create video to market your practice. It is a wise move not to confirm those statements for yourself and do your own due diligence to see whether those comments by your colleagues in the lawyer’s lounge are in fact true.


Of course, you will only do the type of marketing that your fellow attorneys do that you learn about through word-of-mouth, because copying other lawyers and what they do is the most successful way to market your practice.



If you fit in to any one or several categories within this article, then you do not want to create video to market your practice. In fact, you would be wasting your time, resources and marketing budgets to do so. Instead, let those other attorneys go ahead and do something foolish like market their law firms online using video. That’s perfectly okay, and in fact I recommend it if you see yourself in any one of these seven categories above.

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Lee Frederiksen - September 29, 2011 4:14 PM

Love the style of the post. Your points are great ones. It's truly amazing how fast video is entering the business mainstream as a tool for developing professional services business.
Thanks for a great post...lwf

Gerry Oginski - September 29, 2011 9:07 PM

Hi Lee,
Thanks for the comments. It was actually my guest post that Larry was kind enough to post. As you can tell, I take a contrarian view here, and it's a gentle tongue-in-cheek way to explain to fellow attorneys that the traditional forms of lawyer advertising are less relevant today than they used to be.

You are right; video is an amazing tool for developing trust from people who have never met you. The amazing thing is that I get calls and email from consumers and potential clients who tell me that the feel like they alreay know me, even before they've ever met me?

How cool is that? Thanks again for your feedback.
BTW, have you used video yet to market your practice?

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