10 Marketing Tips from Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones, law firm marketingHere is a delightful and practical guest post from Eloise Hamilton

We’ve all watched the Indiana Jones movies and wished that we could have adventures like him. Instead, we’re stuck working in business, and trying to figure out great marketing strategies that will actually help those businesses. Instead of wishing our lives were more adventurous, though, how about we take some good marketing lessons from Indy?

Correct Spelling and Grammar

Indy discovered just how important spelling was in The Last Crusade, while trying to get to the Holy Grail. Walking in the name of the lord, he tried to spell “Jehovah” with a “J” rather than the Latin “I,” and the path under him collapsed.

Your life might not hinge on having good grammar and perfect spelling, but the reputation of your company does. Before you release any ad copy for your marketing campaign, check the spelling and the grammar, or have someone you trust check it for you.

Concise Messages

Indy’s not one to beat around the bush. He gets right to the point and doesn’t let outside forces distract him (often). Whether he’s searching for his father or fighting for his life, he handles it as fast as he knows how to.

When you attempt any marketing strategy, get to the point. You only have about 5-7 seconds to capture your audience’s attention, and if you don’t get them in that time-span, you’ve lost. Get in quick, and get out quick. Be as concise as you can, and grab your audience’s attention.

Content Marketing

Indy’s passion for archaeology doesn’t hinge on his own personal gain. When he tries to steal the Cross of Coronado a second time, his goal is to get it into a museum so the general public can benefit from it. That’s who he is—he wants everyone to benefit from his archaeological finds.

Provide quality content for free. You could put it on your site or get it out through a different marketing campaign; it’s less important how you do it, and more important that you do it. By providing useful information for free, you’ll appeal to more people and they’ll wonder what else you can offer to benefit their lives.

Regular Ad Updates

Indy changes how he handles different problems he encounters. He doesn’t do the exact same thing over and over. He adjusts his strategy slightly based on the situation and doesn’t shy away from improvising. Because of this, he’s less predictable.

Make sure you regularly update your ads. The market is always changing, and your marketing strategy should change along with it. Adjust your strategy as needed, and have your ads reflect the changes you make.

Strong Charisma

Indy is a strong charismatic figure, but his charisma isn’t forced. It comes naturally to him and has a certain, rugged charm attached to it. Although it doesn’t seem to work on his enemies, viewers and others he meets on his adventures are susceptible to it.

If you have a role as a figurehead or spokesperson for your company, you need to be charismatic. If you’re not naturally charismatic, that’s okay. Charisma is something you can learn, if you try hard enough. It might not come as naturally to you as it does to Indy, but you can learn to be charismatic, and you’ll be a better leader for it. All of your marketing aspects that involve you being in the public eye will improve dramatically, too.


When confronted with a sword-wielding assassin pulling fancy moves in front of him, Indy simply pulls out a gun and shoots the man. He doesn’t worry about an elaborate sword fight or anything of the like. He takes the simple (and much faster) approach.

Creativity, while good, can be damaging if you try too hard or take too long to create a great idea. Your marketing needs to be constant so don’t let it get bogged down with trying to be consistently brilliant. Stay simple, and let the brilliant ideas flow naturally to you.


Indy’s archaeological methods are different than the methods of the older archaeologists. Some people even say that what he does isn’t archaeology, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He does his own thing, and it works well for him.

Don’t be guided by older ideas. Marketing is something that changes constantly, because of technology, and it’s easy for ideas to become outdated. Because of this, it’s important for you to try new things to see what works for you, rather than letting the past dictate your marketing strategies now.

Attraction Marketing

Indy has an appeal about him that attracts others. He gets people’s attention through his skills and methods. At times, his appearance plays a big part in it too (particularly in the classroom scene near the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark). Because of this ability to attract, he’s tipped off about different artifacts around the world, and when he wants an adventure, he, he can get one.

By making your company, your site, and different aspects of your marketing campaign appealing, you’ll have a better chance of drawing people in than you would otherwise. People will be attracted to what you’re doing, and they’ll spread the word. That means less work for you, since you won’t have to hunt your customers down. Therefore, you’ll have a much better success rate by appealing (in appearance) to what your target audience wants than almost any other type of marketing.

Indiana Jones: There's a big snake in the plane, Jock!
Jock: Oh, that's just my pet snake, Reggie!
Indiana Jones: I hate snakes, Jock! I hate 'em!

Consistent Branding Strategy

Indy has a consistent and distinctive style, particularly in his physical appearance. The fedora and whip are just as much a part of him as the scar on his chin and his fear of snakes. All of these things together (and many other qualities) make him who he is.

Your branding strategy needs to be just as distinctive and consistent, setting a theme for all of your marketing efforts. It’s like with Geico’s caveman commercials or Allstate’s mayhem commercials. Both are distinctive and consistent, and because of that, they are memorable. Your marketing can be just as memorable if you do it right.

Influential Connections

Indy doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of connections. He’s limited to a select few individuals, like Salah and Marcus, but those few individuals he knows are well-connected and influential.

It’s not about how many connections you have that matters most in your marketing endeavors. It’s about how influential those connections are. You might only have 5 connections in your network, but if those 5 have the power to influence the market and your target audience, those are all the connections you really need.

Marketing can be a tough subject to master, but by following these tips taken straight from Indiana Jones’ adventures, you can keep your business’ marketing stratagem on the right path.

Eloise Hamilton, law firm marketingAbout the author

Eloise Hamilton of Seattle, WA, has always been fascinated with law. In college, she studied the subject briefly before switching to business, but she still loves to maintain her knowledge of all things law. She seeks to inform the general public about the finer details of law in a way they can understand.


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Mitch Jackson - January 13, 2014 1:11 PM

What a great, fun and entertaining article. Loved it and sharing it. Thanks Eloise :-)

dialuz - January 16, 2014 8:40 PM

This is great article.These tips are helpful to develop the marketing of Indiana Jones and these tips also helpful to marketing field.

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