LSSO Announces First-ever Legal Industry Sales & Service Awards

 - Winners to be awarded at the Legal Sales and  Service Organization’s 12th Annual RainDance Conference on June 10th in Chicago –


The Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO), an organization for law firm leaders responsible for developing the sales and service strategies that will shape their firms’ futures, announces its first Sales and Service Awards for the legal industry.


The awards – Sales & Service Team of the Year and Sales & Service Executive of the Year – will recognize both the individual and team efforts that played a significant role in helping retain and grow its firm’s revenue through a specific sales achievement during 2014. The awards sponsor, Berbay Marketing & Public Relations, will present the awards at LSSO’s 12th Annual RainDance Conference, the senior-level conference for today’s law firm business development and service leaders, to be held June 10-11 in Chicago, Illinois.


“The sales and service roles continue to expand and play an ever-increasing role in driving law firm success,” says Silvia Coulter, LSSO Co-founder and Principal ofLawVision Group. “The awards underscore the importance of these fields and acknowledge innovative and effective efforts in client sales, service and retention initiatives.”

Submission Process

All full-time, in-house law firm professionals may apply for the awards.


The Sales & Service Team of the Year Award will be presented in up to three categories:

·         Small firms – up to 100 lawyers

·         Mid-size firms – 101-500 lawyers

·         Large firms – more than 500 layers


The Sales & Service Executive of the Year Award will be presented in up to two categories:

·         Sales or client service team firm leader.

·         Sales or client service team manager supporting the firm’s leader, and possibly responsible for a client team program, office or practice.


Applicants must describe a specific sales achievement where the sales team or executive played a key role in retaining or growing the firm’s revenue.  Entries will be reviewed by a panel of experienced legal sales and service professionals and be judged on creativity, resourcefulness and degree of impact.


Applications are due on or before April 17, 2015. Applications can be accessed here. Contact if you have questions on the submission process.


Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) provides law firm business development and service professionals with effective sales and service strategies, focused on helping them to bring in new business and to develop and retain clients through outstanding and competitive service delivery strategies.


LSSO's annual RainDance Conference is the central focus of the organization and is for firm leaders who have ever-greater responsibilities for business development and client service strategies to shape the future of their firms. 


Legal Sales and Service Organization


New Course Shows How to Launch a Mass Torts Practice

Learn to Start a Practice in Mass Torts

Mass Tort Nexus of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, will present a four-day course for lawyers to start a mass torts practice and enjoy a major return on their investment.

The program will be presented from Friday, March 20 through Monday, March 23 at the W Hotel, oceanside in Fort Lauderdale. Click here for the Mass Tort Immersion Course Curriculum.

Due to the amount of material covered, the interactive nature of the course and its hands-on learning format, only 20 participants will be accepted. The 500+ page course book includes the methods, tools, and strategies necessary to enable your firm to incorporate mass torts into its practice. Firms that are already practicing mass tort law will benefit from the advanced strategies and new rules related to the field, which are also covered in the course.

Members of The National Trial Lawyers and PILMMA are entitled to a special discount.  The full tuition is  $5,999. 

John Ray is the founder of the Mass Torts Made Perfect group on LinkedIn.
John Ray is the founder of the Mass Torts Made Perfect group on LinkedIn.


The course will be given by a group of renowned experts in the industry. This custom designed course curriculum was crafted by John Ray, the originator of many of the time-tested methodologies and metrics currently used by successful mass tort firms.

It is not a networking event, seminar or workshop. It is similar to a university course. It is a blueprint for how to successfully operate to start and operate a successful Mass tort firm."

The course is intended to give attendees the information and tools, as well as a step-by-step guide for entering the mass tort space with minimal investment and minimal effort. More importantly, it will teach you to do so with as little risk as possible, while achieving a mass tort size return on your investment.

To register:  Larry Bodine at (520) 577-9759 or

Mass Tort Immersion Course Curriculum

How To:

  • How to fund your entry into Mass Torts without getting hosed.
  • How to acquire clients in the most cost effective matter.
  • The most important metric. Cost Per Client Acquired.

Getting the Client to the Door is as Important as Getting Them through the Door

  • How to cost effectively generate clients.
  • How to mitigate risks.
  • Now that you’re in the game, play to win!
  • The day to day of running a successful Mass Tort firm.
  • Staying abreast of emerging Mass Torts, as well as ongoing cases,
  • especially the ones in which you are already involved.
  • Referring… “Working Smarter vs Working Harder.”
  • Knowing when the pond is dry.
  • Training your staff.
  • What to outsource.
  • Lead Generation… if it sounds to good to be true…

Law Practice Management Blueprint for Hiring and Training Employees

Register now for the A-Z Law Practice Management Blueprint, March 6, 2015, The Westin Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort.

By Ken Hardison

Are you tired of unproductive employees who lack motivation and constantly cause drama in your office? Do they have too much time on their hands or are they just simply not a good fit?

Truth be told, it’s not always the employee. The majority of lawyers don’t have a clue about how to hire superstar staff. Better yet, they don’t effectively train the staff they do hire. There is rarely any real in depth training for new hires in law firms. What I see more often than not, is a new employee being told to shadow another employee for several days and then being thrown out in the waters and made to sink or swim.

Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. Like I said, in depth training and superstar hires are not the norm for law firms.

What’s worse is that even if new employees manage to half way learn their jobs, getting maximum or even above par productivity out of them is next to impossible. It goes without saying that managing employees and lawyers is by far THE biggest headache when it comes to running a law firm!

Solve your Employee Problems

What if I told you I have found a lawyer who has cracked the code and is willing to share the secrets to solving all of your employee management problems? Sounds too good to be true, I know, but listen…this lawyer took his law firm from 0 to 27,000 cases in a little over 10 years. He presently manages over 200 employees and only handles disability cases. Now, as some of you may already know, disability cases are low margin and staff intensive. To be profitable, keeping employee productivity high and costs low is imperative.

This lawyer, Ken LaVan, has made the impossible possible! I have been asking Ken for years to share his secrets for hiring, motivating and keeping highly productive employees. He has finally agreed to unlock his vault and reveal the secrets that have catapulted and transformed his firm into one of the largest Disability Law Firms in the nation. Ken agreed to do this with only one condition: Only the real deal…No theory. Well, you know me – I am a practical, nuts and bolts type of guy – give me meat – save all the fluff for someone else! So, needless to say, I was overjoyed when he made this request.

A-Z Law Practice Management Blueprint

As a result, we are going to do a one day interactive workshop. This one day event will cover not just hiring, but training and motivating new employees along with how to hold them accountable. Below are a few of the practical nuts and bolts topics to be covered:

  • Step-by-Step Checklist for New Hires
  • Creating Job Descriptions
  • Creating an Employee Handbook
  • Establishing Benchmarks
  • How to Create and Utilize an Onboarding Training Manual
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Keeping Employee Morale High
  • Creating an Organizational Chart
  • How to Create a Mission Statement
  • How to Interview Applicants Without Getting Fooled
  • How to Deal with Toxic and Problem Employees
  • How to Create a Salary Structure for Staff that Motivates Them to Excel
  • How to Properly Fire an Employee
  • And Much Much More!

Any of the above look like something you could benefit from?

Register now for the A-Z Law Practice Management Blueprint, March 6, 2015, The Westin Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort.
Every attendee will leave with forms, manuals and templates Ken LaVan and myself use every day in our practices. These forms alone are worth the price of admission! Most mid-level corporations would charge $10,000-$20,000 for an event like this. $5,000 would not be a bad deal. But what if I told you your price is only $597? That’s right. Only $597. But there is one caveat…we only have 50 seats. Once they’re sold, we will close registration. The event is on March 6th 2015, so act fast!  

John Fisher: How to Build the Law Practice of Your Dreams

build the law practice of your dreamsBy John Fisher on Law Practice Manager:

This was not your usual workday lunch.

One of the most successful personal injury lawyers in New York agreed to have lunch with me. We were complete strangers and I was totally up-front with him from the get-go: I told him that I was there to find out what has made him a success. I was going to pick his mind and hopefully leave with a couple of gold nuggets that I could use for my practice. I call this “Modeling the Masters”—and it’s surprising to some that top-caliber lawyers are willing to share their best tips and advice.

As we got to know each other over lunch, I asked very bluntly for the two or three things that made him successful. Rather than worn-out clichés of “work hard” or “never give up”, the lawyer gave it to me straight. The lawyer held nothing back by telling me that he had tried just about every marketing tactic and for the most part, they didn’t work.

An Epiphany

Where can you find an investment where you can invest $1 and get $10 in return?

When the lawyer was struggling to launch his practice, he settled a big case and used the funds to focus on one marketing tactic: radio ads. The lawyer didn’t just dabble with radio ads, he went all in by spending $100,000 (even when money was tight).

The radio ads weren’t loud or obnoxious, but conveyed a clear message: “We care about you.” Each radio ad had a different story and one ad was more successful than the next. New personal injury leads came in and the lawyer began experimenting with new ads and investing more money in radio.

Over a two hour lunch, the lawyer confided in me: for every dollar he spent on radio ads, he made $10 in return. Wow! Where else can you find an investment where you can invest $1 and get $10 in return? Nowhere! But this never would have happened if the lawyer hadn’t experimented with different types of marketing and eventually find one tactic that worked in spades.

The Real Key to Success...

Read on at Building the Law Practice of Your Dreams


A Plan for Do-it-yourself Content Marketing

A Plan for Do-it-yourself Content MarketingAs more and more people search for lawyers online, having no content marketing strategy will eventually put you at a disadvantage. Creating a website is a beginning, but unless you maintain it and add new content, it’s no more effective than hanging a shingle and hoping clients will wander in off the street.

A steady stream of content opens the door to social media marketing, builds inbound links to your website, and creates materials that provide value to prospective clients. Here’s a three-year plan for better content marketing that even a busy attorney in a small office can use.

Year One: Assemble What You Already Have

The first step to effective content marketing is to understand your prospective clients.

  • Who are they demographically?
  • Why do they come to your firm?
  • Who makes the final decision to retain you?

As you answer these questions, create three character descriptions or “persona” of the types of people who might hire you. You’ll update your character personas periodically, but these initial personas will provide a good starting point.

Map out the process that prospective clients go through when choosing an attorney like you. The search probably begins with a need: The client is being sued, charged with a crime, getting divorced or having another legal problem. How do prospective clients use the Web to search for attorneys like you? Do they call you or set up an in-person consultation? How do they make the decision to hire you?

Gather up articles that you’ve written, old blog posts, brochures, newsletters, recorded interviews, videos, and any other existing content. Ask a paralegal, assistant or intern to help you. Then, create a spreadsheet that tracks:

  • Who wrote it and where the article is. Have a column for the title, where to find it (the URL, publication information, CD-ROM or file name) and its author.
  • Who it’s for. On your spreadsheet, label each piece according to which client persona would benefit from the material and on what part of the hiring journey the client would need the material.
  • How ready it is. Assign a freshness rating from one to 10, with 10 being “ready to share today” and one being “hopelessly out of date.” Make notes on what you’d need to do — update the legal information, reshoot the video without your 1970s hairstyle, rewrite the article in everyday language — to bring the freshness rating up to a 10.

Click to read on about:

Year Two: Create, Repurpose, and Share


Check out Webinar Slides: Mobile Marketing Tactics

Every consumer you would like as a client has a mobile phone.


Here are the slides from a brand new webinar that describes what lawyers must to do reach this super-connected audience and to convert them into clients. If you don’t have a mobile presence for your law firm, these consumers will not find you or your law firm.  I narrated these slides in a webinar on February 12 in a practical and info-packed program. You will learn learn:

  • 5 new ways consumers are using cell phones
  • Creating “mobile moments” and “brand experiences” that generate files
  • 5 essential elements of a mobile website
  • The web technology that is driving traffic to mobile sites
  • Getting positive online reviews with a mobile phone
  • How personal injury and criminal defense firms especially benefit from the mobile web
  • 2 trillion text messages are sent every year. Did your firm send one?
  • A new warning from Google about mobile unfriendly sites.



How to Get New Business With Click-Worthy Web Assets

Jump ahead to see: Engaging with helpful resources
Creating a click-worthy system
Composing Infographics

Success in getting more clicks, conversions and clients on a law firm website turns on website usability -- which today means engaging visitors and prompting them to stay longer and dig deeper into your site, according to SEO expert Paul Julius.

Speaking on a webinar sponsored by PILMMA, Julius is the PPC Focus Specialist for Consultwebs, a law firm web marketing and SEO company. He identified several elements of usability on the SevenishLaw website: 

  • An immediate call to action.
  • A contact form "above the fold," meaning within the first viewable screen.
  • A simple contact form that collects only basic information about a visitor. "Keep it short, don't ask for the address or phone number," he said.
  • Resources for visitors to download, such as a special report, accident videos and FAQs.
  • Ample use of visual elements and graphics throughout a site.

Continue reading Get New Business With Click-Worthy Web Assets.

Get New Business With Click-Worthy Web Assets



Try These 12 Inbound Link Strategies for Lawyers

12 Inbound Link Strategies for LawyersLaw Practice Advisor has a great article by Chris Dreyer on 12 Inbound Link Strategies for Lawyers. Here's the list:

  1. Guest posting
  2. Scholarship programs (a novel idea!)
  3. Social media link building
  4. Infographics
  5. Accident maps
  6. Blogging (yes!)
  7. High page-rank directories
  8. Collaboration
  9. Citations
  10. Interviews
  11. Forums and groups
  12. Sponsorships

To get the details, read 12 Inbound Link Strategies for Lawyers.


Free Webinar - Click-Worthy Assets: The New Search Marketing

Pay Per Click and Conversion Specialist, Paul Julius from, will be joining Ken Hardison for a Free webinar:

Click-Worthy Assets: The New Search Marketing

Free Webinar - Click-Worthy Assets: The New Search MarketingDate/Time: Thursday, January 29th @ 1 PM Eastern Time

During this Free webinar you will discover…

  • What makes a website asset click-worthy
  • The process in developing a highly converting practice area page
  • What it takes to get rewarded by Google in the search engines today

Click to register!

  • Leads and clients arrive on your website doorstep looking for one thing and one thing only…value.
  • If you’re not delivering value, your website’s visitors will look for your competitors that do.
  • Value comes in all shapes and sizes, but the most likely form of value in a law firm’s website is topical information and being considered a valuable resource.

Click-Worthy Assets: The New Search MarketingWith his extensive background in Web design and online marketing, Paul Julius brings a unique combination of skills and perspectives to his role with Paul manages Google Adwords and Bing/Yahoo paid search campaigns as well as supports our Search Marketing team by improving conversion rates using in-depth analysis of user behavior, demographics, and website analytics. His experience and unique approach has allowed Consultwebs to consistently deliver cases for law firms across the country using the latest Web marketing technologies and strategies. 


4 Guest Blogging Tips for Lawyers

See Joy's new article:

4 Direct Mail Mistakes You Can’t Afford

Here is a guest post by Joy Gendusa about the topic of – writing guest posts on other peoples’ blogs.

Guest posting on established blogs is a great opportunity to get exposure in front of quality prospects, but you need to get it right to make the most of it. 

Here are 4 tips to consider before submitting your guest post...

#1: Look for a Win-Win Exchange

When you are looking for a guest blogging opportunity, always look for a blog with more of a following than your own. However, guest blogging should be a win-win exchange. You offer quality content on a niche topic in your specialty. In return, you get exposure to a more prominent blog’s followers, which can help you build your own online following.

#2: Deliver the Goods

Guest posting is a great opportunity. Never take it for granted. Always give it your best. Before submitting, make sure your post does three things: 1) matches the quality of the blog’s other posts, 2) brings a fresh angle or insight into a niche topic, 3) is good enough to post on your own blog.

#3: Communication is Key

The key to building a healthy relationship with another blogger is outlining all the expectations, then meeting (and exceeding!) those expectations. Post length, deadline, topic, etc; make sure you are clear on every aspect of your guest post before agreeing to it.

#4: Don’t Be a Hit and Run

A guest post isn’t like a letter to Santa. You don’t stick it in the mailbox and hope you get what you want from it. Even on someone else’s blog, it’s still your post. Establish how you can interact with readers and commenters with the blog host. Connecting with their followers is the whole point. So, don’t just post and hope it works; connect and convert.

Joy Gendusa is the owner and CEO of direct mail marketing firm, PostcardMania. It is a full-service postcard marketing company helping clients create turn-key marketing campaigns with graphic design, printing, mailing list acquisition and mailing services, website and landing page design and development, email marketing and full marketing evaluations. Please visit for more information. Find Joy on Google+, or call 1-800-628-1804 to speak with a PostcardMania marketing consultant.