Deliver Webinar audio slices via podcast.

Aholland2Here's a neat B-to-B marketing tip from Anne Holland, President of MarketingSherpa Inc.:

"From now on, after you present a Webinar, edit the audio file for future use (snipping out the bits only relevant to folks listening in live) and create a series of potential podcasts from it. Each podcast should be no longer than five to 10 minutes, and should address just one of the topics you covered in the entire Webinar.

"You'll also need to add a quick intro soundbite for each slide, assuming that each might be listened to as a sole bit of content instead of as a series from the main Webinar. And, you can put a plug-in to the audio at the end of each clip for listeners to come to your audio and Webinar library online to get more podcasts on similar topics if they liked this one.

"I actually know of one enterprise software marketer who used a tactic like this to plug a white paper. He published a summary of the white paper as a podcast and then urged listeners to come online to download the entire paper. It worked.

"Once you've created this podcast content, offer it up in all the places you would normally post articles or other content, such as:

  • Hotlink from your e-mail newsletter
  • Hotlink on your online Webinar library
  • Hotlink from your company blog
  • Hotlink on your intranet for the sales team to pick up on (remember, reps may not read long documents or have the patience for an hour-long Webinar, but a five-minute podcast could engage them).
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