Sign The Damn Holiday Card!

Tomkane100_1 As reported on Tom Kane's blog, there was an interesting discussion recently on the The Law Marketing Listserv (free trial membership available) that was unanimous regarding the need to sign holiday cards and not just send out cards with the firm's name on it. "The fact that the subject even needs to be raised says volumes about how far some firms have yet to go to "get it" as to what lawyer marketing is all about.  It's personal and requires personal contact and actions," Tom says.

"To put it simply, holiday cards to some lawyers are no more than a nuisance, an obligation, another form of advertising, or an annoyance during this busy time of year. When I was in-house, I actually had lawyers order cards and NEVER send them out - year after year. So, why did I continue to order cards for these people? Job security," Tom writes.

"Don't let your or your firm's holiday card endeavor become a negative marketing effort. Remember, legal marketing is about getting personal.  So, if you are planning to send holiday cards, please just sign the darn card." 

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Charles H. Green - December 15, 2006 1:52 PM

Wow, that's pretty astonishing. As Kane says, "the fact that it even has to be raised..." says volumes.

Now, I have seen something like that in consulting firms, where some people "got it" and wrote a note, and others merely signed their names.

Some of the recalcitrance there was the reluctance to be seen as "selling." A reluctance that, while misplaced and misconceived, is common enough that we can understand it, and even feel a bit for the poor folks who suffer that delusion.

But what I'm hearing from Kane is differen: wholesale indifference to the idea not just of a card, but of a card sent unsigned. How twisted can you get?

An unsigned card says something like the following; pick your favorite:

a. I don't give a damn enough about you to even take 2 seconds to add my name, though never fear, I'll sign the invoice;

b. This is all a holiday charade, I know you don't like me and I know you know I don't like you, so take the damn card and leave me alone;

c. I am totally passive aggressive about our firm's idiot holiday card plan so I'm just not going to sign it, you know all that "client service" stuff is hollow anyway;

d. bah humbug

e. I am totally inept as a person, I feel bad about selling you but I want to try be personal, so I'll just send the card, that's about as much interaction as I can handle;

f. I know you're a tough macho guy like me and real lawyers don't send wussy notes so I'll just not sign this (your macho lawyer homey);

g. I'm all about content and excellence and I know that's why you're hiring me, none of this relationship crap, and by not signing this you'll know that I get who you are and you'll appreciate my not wasting time (which of course I'd have to bill you) soft stuff that doesn't really have to do with the practice of law.

h. I really just don't give a crap about you.

Brrr, shudder....

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