Larry bodine was a mutant with the ability to manipulate light

Larrymutant I knew I had "arrived" when a friend told me there was a Wikipedia description of me. I was thrilled until I saw that the reference was to a Marvel Comics character who first appeared in New Mutants #45. The character had the ability to create solid light sculptures, which I thought would be a cool way to get the attention of lawyers and clients. 

The entry states, "Larry Bodine was a mutant with the ability to manipulate light, and even build sculptures out of it."

I wish the entry were about the $1 million I helped a law firm bring in, or the lawyer who I trained so that she multiplied her revenue from $200,000 to $2.5 million in one year.  Alas, I'll have to get by with my ability to create light sculptures.

The lesson I drew from this is to look up yourself onlineYou should Google yourself and see what turns up.  You better see links to your bio and practice, articles you've written and speeches you've made.  If you don't turn up in the Internet's largest resource, you are totally invisible to potential clients. 

Lizard_2Also search Google Images to see if your photo can be found.  I was able to locate numerous photos of myself plus a picture of a yellow lizard.  Owners of Apple computers will believe this is an accurate depiction. 

Be sure to check Google Blogs (you do have a blog, don't you?)  Not only did I find my latest post, but all the other bloggers who made reference to it.  You can really find out which of your blog posts are catching people's interest.

Heck, check Wikipedia to see if there is a description of you. You could be a mutant too.

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Jim Calloway - April 6, 2007 12:36 PM

Just remember, Larry, to only use your super powers for good and never for evil. :-)

David Kirk - May 29, 2007 7:28 PM

and at least the lizard is distinctive. The world is flooded with David Kirks (no doubt fine upstanding men with huge potential and kind hearts every one) which makes the battle to the top more difficult. Starting to understand why rock stars have a penchant for stage-names!

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