A Law Firm Announcement that Clients Will Actually Read

We've all seen the unreadable law firm announcements: letters in all-caps in Copperplate Gothic font saying, "We are pleased to announce..." Usually that's the point where everyone stops reading.

That's because they are self-congratulatory announcements about an internal personnel decision that means nothing to anyone outside the law firm

Finally the folks at Greenfield/Belser Ltd. created an ad/announcement for Luce Forward's San Francisco office that is creative and also actually speaks to clients:

Luce Forward announcement

"Unlike most law firm announcements where the firm is really congratulating themselves on attracting a top attorney to their firm, this one speaks to the client and highlights the benefit the addition of these new real estate attorneys will bring to Luce Forward's clients," said Jeffrey Morgan, Principal at Greenfield/Belser. "After all, isn't that who should know and care about the addition of new talent -- your buyers?"

Kudos for a great job. The ad is running exactly like this in the legal trades and the real estate trades.

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Susan Martin - May 31, 2007 6:53 PM

Congrats to Greenfield / Belser, finally a law firm that understands marketing! (or has the where-with-all to hire someone that does)

Juliet@labovick.com - August 7, 2007 7:56 PM

Congrats to this law firm for standing out and doing something unique. Kudos to the agency or the designer who came up with the creative and copy. Brilliant.....It is nice to see something like this in legal advertising. Just because we are in the legal profession, does not mean that we can't use appropriate creative and copy that makes our profession appear interesting. Hopefully, this will inspire more creative ads from our profession. The talent and creative energy is here among the legal marketers. We need to press our firms to break out from the mold of boring traditional attorney advertising. The legal marketers hold the key to this approach becoming a reality.
Juliet Sallette

Leslie Ackel - March 24, 2009 8:06 PM

Do newly graduated attorneys send graduation announcements?

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