Keep Gobbledygook Phrases Out of Your Press Releases

RainToday has published an excellent $30 manual entitled, "The Professional Services Guide To Online PR." They wisely recommend marketers avoid using having gobbledygook generic and repetitive terms.

"A press release has 10 seconds to catch attention, but it only takes one gobbledygook term to undermine the press release."  The most overused phrase in recent history is "next generation."

RainToday calculated that the news release wires collectively distributed just over 388,000 news releases in the nine-month period, and just over 74,000 of them mentioned at least one of these Gobbledygook phrases.There were over 5,000 uses of each of the following trite words and phrases:

  • "flexible"
  • "robust"
  • "world class"
  • "scalable"
  • "easy to use"

Other notably overused phrases with between 2,000 and 5,000 uses included:

  • "cutting edge"
  • "mission critical"
  • "market leading"
  • "industry standard"
  • "turnkey"
  • "groundbreaking"

Oh and don't forget "interoperable," "best of breed," and "user friendly," each with over 1,000 uses in news releases.  These are just some of the great insights in this new report.  Click here to get your copy.

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