A List of Images You Should Never Use In Law Firm Advertising

law firm marketing, gavelPeter Darling has a wonderful post in his blog Business Development on how to avoid the boring sameness in law firm advertising.  He sums it up this way:

Principle Eight: A List of Images You Should Never, Ever Use In Law Firm Advertising, No Matter What Because They’re Incredibly Clichéd and Bespeak A Complete Lack of Creativity So Overpowering As To Alter The Very Fabric of Time and Space

  1. Gavels
  2. Eagles
  3. Courtrooms
  4. Courthouse Steps
  5. The Scales O’ Justice
  6. Piles of Law Books
  7. Nautical Themed Stuff (unless you’re an admiralty lawyer)
  8. Compasses
  9. Groups of Middle-Aged White Lawyers in Suits

He's completely right.  These images in an ad or web site focus inwardly on the firm, and depict the firm talking about itself.  This is totally ineffective business development.  It's called "marketing your organization."

The smarter approach is to "organize around the market."  In your ads and websites, depict pictures of your clients, the industries they are in the illustrations of the business problems they face.  That way clients see themselves in law firm ads and websites.

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Continuing Legal Education - October 17, 2007 1:13 PM

This is so good. Differentiation is the name of the game. In addition, Google has a great tool to use when determining what works on a website and what doesn't. check out their website optimizer tool (free to use), that allows you to test multiple version of web pages and track results. This will offer a good opportunity to test different images.

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