6 Reasons Law Firm Blogs Beat Law Firm Websites

Kevin O'Keefe observed that a few large law firms are starting to allow users to subscribe to articles via RSS feeds. This is a plus because it's not enough to have a website -- you must drive traffic to it. Kevin takes a dim view of promoting a website with an email alert/newsletter from a law firm.

"But if these large law firms, and their web site providers truly understood how to harness RSS, they'd be using blogs to disseminate their content," O'Keefe writes. Here are his reasons he identifies:

  1. Content on a website is much less likely than blog content to appear high in search engine results when relevant searches are performed by in-house counsel, execs, the media, and other interested parties.
  2. Website content must be promoted. Word of a blog with valuable content spreads across the Internet by virtue of news sites and other blogs citing the content.
  3. Website content is generally seen only by existing clients. Blogs, akin to an online magazine on a niche subject, are read by clients of other firms, lawyers at other firms, the media, and other bloggers.
  4. Over 20% of senior execs in this country read one business blog a week and the number is growing. How many execs read law firm articles?
  5. Measure of influence is quickly becoming of critical importance for web content by places like Google Blog Search. Influence is determined in large part by being cited by other blogs and news sites with RSS feeds. Law firm articles will not be cited.
  6. Innovative companies, large law firm's targeted clients see blogs as innovative. Law firm articles/alerts, whether including an RSS or not, are looked at as more of the same. 'All law firms do that.'
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Kevin OKeefe - November 13, 2007 11:11 AM

Thanks for referencing my post Larry.

It's important that this message get around as law firms are being sold sold web solutions by people who do not truly understand the importance of RSS as a networking and reputation enhanecement tool. They are looking at RSS as merely something that pushes out content to people who already come to your website.

As I explain the true value of RSS to large law firm business development and marketing professionals, they see the advantages of having their content on blogs with RSS feeds.

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