Wolf Greenfield Deals Humor to Market IP Law

There must be something in the River Charles that gives one Boston law firm a great sense of humor. Wolf Greenfield, a larger-than-life 75-lawyer intellectual property firm, has dealt a deck of holiday cards -- hilarious branded playing cards.

The deck includes their greatest hits of Christmas past including their Mad magazine fold-in card, patent bar (of candy), "Better Patents and Trademarks" magazine, gingerbread house, Advent card and advertising campaigns ("wicked smart" and "Smarts Illustrated").

The cards feature joke patents for crazy items like an alarm fork, all terrain stroller, pet petter, neck fanny pack, jet propulsion golf club, electro fishing (standing in water with a battery powered electric pole), and U.S. Patent No. 6,826,983: a light bulb changer with hundreds of moving parts.

You know the firm has a sense of humor when the Joker card features shareholders David Wolf in a Three Stooges pose with George L. Greenfield.

Sally Crocker, one-time stand-up comedienne and Director of Client Services, and her marketing team are lucky indeed to work for an inventive firm like Wolf Greenfield.  Known for her tagline, "only the cops call me Sara," she has an innate skill to create legal holiday cheer. 

The world, filled with ultra-serious legal marketing, would be a duller place without the firm's unique and festive marketing. Long may you run.




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Peter Feldman - January 8, 2008 2:12 PM

Ms. Crocker (see, I avoided the whole Sara / Sally issue) and her exceptional marketing team (including Morgan Feldman, of course) deserve high praise for for the holiday deck. We legal marketers could all use a sip of "lighten up" juice once in a while. Thanks, guys.

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