The Silent Treatment from the Boss Means You Could be Laid Off

If your boss suddenly stops talking to you, it may be a warning sign that you will soon be laid off, according to Debra Cassens Weiss.

The Wall Street Journal talked to job coaches and management consultants to put together a list of warning signs. They include:

  1. Your boss stops making small talk with you, even though he or she continues to shoot the breeze with other co-workers.
  2. Your boss takes longer to respond to your e-mails.
  3. Your boss excludes you from meetings you once were invited to attend, or makes you feel as if you are no longer part of the “inner circle.”
  4. You are passed over for plum projects and given production-oriented tasks instead.
  5. Your work gets reassigned.

If you see the warning signs, it’s best to talk to your boss so you can correct any problems before it’s too late, experts told the newspaper. They also advise those worried about their jobs to update their resumes and start networking to prepare for a job search.

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