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The July issue of Originate! - the business development newsletter - explores how you can be more resourceful in your business development, not just by using a particular marketing method or firm asset, but by looking at smart ways at hand to reach those people you want as clients or do more for those you already have...and taking action to make results happen.

Lead Article: The Art of Closing: Six Rules of the Game - Pt 2 of 2

Ask for the business. Get closure.  Deal with obstacles. In a selling situation, there’s a lot to think about. But maybe you’re thinking too much, and not building up your instincts. Here two attorneys Kevin Chern, Esq. and Damon Cheronis, Esq. explain six powerful business development rules about making the sale, and how you can tone your reflexes. Part 2 of 2

Turning Seminars Into Billable Work: Designing it Right

It seems to be so easy to put on a winning seminar or workshop, one that actually generates new legal work, not just good feelings. But Michael Cummings has seen so many lawyers produce little for their time and money. In the first of this several part series on how to gain new business from a seminar, he explains the right way to design one.

Getting Business via Online Networking: The Three Best Ways to Launch Yourself Online

Online networking is no substitute for face-to-face business development.  But it is an easy way to gain  extraordinary results for yourself in awareness, contact making, lead generation and relationship building.  Sure, there are a lot of ways to waste your time in online social activity, observes Larry Bodine, Esq.  Instead, just focus on these three methods to make the most impact on your business getting, and here's how.

Best Practice Tips

Remedies, not Diagnoses: Do Something About Client Problems

What if your doctor discovered something unsettling, but did NOTHING about it? That’s what lawyers do all the time, laments Darryl Cross, when they talk about problems their clients might be facing, but fail to offer active solutions.  If you want to bring work in, offer treatments and solutions to what ails your clients and prospects.

Doctor, Send In That Summer Intern. Stat!

If you think about business development in all you do, you’ll often find ways to get value from resources and opportunities that others waste. Andy Havens examines a rarely considered asset, the summer associate, and suggests a variety of ways to add value for the associate, your clients and you

Transforming Associates from Bees to A's in Marketing

Larry Bodine, Esq. applauds the change in approach to deploying and compensating associates at Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal. With bonuses and support aligned to business development success, associates can reinvent themselves from worker bees into owners ready to generate work for themselves and the firm

Relationships Unbound: Stop Holding Back Your Networking

Everyone talks about the value of networking, but too often lawyers hold themselves back with misconceptions about what networking means, how they will be judged by peers and inaction. Thom Singer lays out these common constraints on success, and advises how to unleash your networking potential.

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