Five Smart Marketing Steps for Challenging Times

Susan Van Dyke, law firm marketingAccording to Susan Van Dyke, the opportunity exists now to take business planning in your firm to the next level.  When you have done so, you and your firm will benefit in the short and long term.

By focusing your marketing efforts on high-value, revenue-driving programs, you’ll be forced to evaluate all your current activities against the following five criteria:

  • Non-billable time and what you do with it.
  • Client loyalty – are you deserving?
  • When did you last look your best clients in the eye?
  • Ask the right questions, not just the easy ones.
  • Future work and where it may be lurking.

Harness the non-billable hour.  Are you effectively applying your non-billable time to productive activities? Do you know how to use the gift of non-billable time most effectively? If you have in-house marketing professionals, ask them to help you devise a personal marketing plan that has a short-term focus.

If you don’t have this resource, there are consultants and coaches in most markets who can spring into action to assist you. This is money well spent; it will save you hours of ineffective efforts, and it will channel your time into activities that will bring you the highest return on investment.

Attract client loyalty. Think of the quality that you seek in your current business relationships, and ask yourself...

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