Shorten URLs Even More with URL shortenerFirst there was, a free online service that could shorten a 100-character web address (like to 25 characters (like 

This was very handy when emailing a URL that was so long, it would break across a line in an email and become non-functional.

Then with Twitter came which would shorten a 100-character URL to 20 (like became Twitter's official URL shortening service last May.


Now there's, which will take a long URL and shorten it down to 18 characters, like

"While the domain is almost as short as it gets, for some people, every character counts," the blog states. will continue online, "But if you desperately need those two additional free characters in order to make your point, feel free to use instead."


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Sam Designermode - September 17, 2009 3:28 AM

hey, thats new for me but i have a tiny question concerning HOW it works: are the urls get shortened by accident or can you request certain words that have to be in the url necessarily?

[Reply from Larry Bodine]
Both and automatically creates a short URL. I don't believe there's an option to pick what the URL says.

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