The Lawyers' Definitive Guide to Video Marketing

Gerry Oginski, lawyer videoGerry Oginski, Esq., has written a tip-packed article on markeing yourself online with video.  A New York medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer in practice for more than 21 years, he has produced and created more than 200 to market his law practice where he explains to consumers how lawsuits work in New York.

You've made the choice to jump right into video to market your legal services. The move is a good one. It will help you distinguish yourself from everyone else. Here now, never before released, is Gerry's definitive guide to video marketing for lawyers.

Nine Benefits to Using Video:

  1. Viewers get to see you.
  2. Viewers get to hear you.
  3. Viewers get to know you.
  4. Viewers begin to trust you before they ever walk in your door.
  5. You become the wise man at the top of the mountain.
  6. You are viewed as the legal expert.
  7. You are giving away information in order to gain an audience.
  8. Viewers see that you are a real human being.
  9. The image of a grumpy unapproachable stuffy lawyer dissipates when a viewer sees you on video.

“What should I talk about in my video? Create an educational message.  What do I mean?

Do not use online video the same way lawyers have used TV commercials since 1973. A 30-60 second commercial on YouTube does nothing to help you get new clients in your door. Take advantage of the web’s unlimited capacity for video.


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Julie A. Fleming - December 1, 2009 3:00 PM

Video's are great as long as they're done well, but you need to justify why you're using a video form. If all you're doing is sitting in one spot, talking to the camera, then viewers will quickly lose interest. Write it as a blog instead.

If you're going to use video, add something extra to it. Input images about your subject, use examples, talk to someone else about their opinion. Just make sure that you can hold the viewer's interest and that you aren't wasting the format.

Spinal Injury Lawyer - January 2, 2010 9:28 AM

I see video as a very powerful tool for marketing lawyers. Despite lawyer jokes, the public, at least according to UK research, still have pretty high levels of trust in lawyers. It's all about building relationships. Video is an important step on from the written word in taking the first step in establishing a relationship -- showing your perspective client what you're really like. It goes without saying that the content has got to be relevant. I aim to have 50 videos on my website by Christmas next year -- at no cost. The new Flip videos are very cheap, very easy to use and makes video web content available to any law firm -- no matter how small.

Video Marketing - January 25, 2010 10:28 PM

Your tip on education is great. Each visit should 1. Target what the persons looking for 2. Give great value and content.

Another point is that you are conveying that message once and building that relationship leveraging video. Example a real estate agent can show a house in a video and this will reduce the time spent and increase sales for that agent.


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