Top 10 Website SEO Mistakes Law Firms Make

If your firm website is not on the first page of Google search results, it could simply be a lack of special HTML tags, inconsistent page content, broken links and lack of a Google site map.

"The web pages of most law firms fail to take advantage of any search engine optimization techniques, and, as a result, their web pages will not rank highly in the search engine results for the legal practice areas that the firm is promoting on these same pages. Additionally, search engines often fail to fully index law firm websites because of their design issues or architectural issues," Jeff says in an article on the LawMarketing Portal.

Here are the top 10 website SEO mistakes that law firms make:

  1. No Search Engine Metatags, or Metatags of Very Low Value.
  2. Inconsistent and Confusing Page Content.
  3. Broken Links.
  4. No Google Site Map.
  5. Not Submitting Website to Google and Other Search Engines.
  6. Spam Metatags.
  7. Placing Too Much Page Content in Images.
  8. Flash Generally.
  9. Overemphasis on Keyword Metatags.
  10. Not Understanding the Importance of Search Engine Optimization.

2015 UPDATE: Since this post was originally written the SEO landscape has changed substantially. For the latest on law firm SEO best practices, I recommend following LawLytics. For example, meta keyword tags are no longer needed at all. I use LawLytics for my main website. They are great about giving you straight information and advice, and make sure that their attorneys stay current with best practices.

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