Lawyer Marketing: Google TV to Revolutionize Lawyer Advertising

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Lawyer Marketing Alert: There’s no stopping Google. The master of the Internet will soon be taking over your television screen, with its latest venture “Google TV.” Not only will Google TV change the way people view television, it will create a new interactive, internet-based experience in your living room, without having to use your computer.

Google’s attempt to combine their Internet search engine, cable, satellite or broadcast television, the Internet, DVR, music and apps has attracted big companies like TBS, TNT, CNN, CNBC, HBO, the NBA, Amazon, Netflix, USA Today, Pandora and Twitter. Through this cohesive interface, Google TV will allow users to “easily navigate to thousands of websites to watch your favorite videos, play Flash games, view photos, read movie reviews or chat with friends,” explains the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

This new technology innovation will surely sweep the nation, steadily growing in popularity; potentially revolutionizing how people get information and watch television. Media Post even claims, “Google TV will become a lead-generation tool for brands.”

Law firms looking to make a big marketing and advertising impact should keep their eye on this developing state-of-the-art technology.

The potential impact of Google TV is limitless as it incorporates various facets of the media, giving consumers an all around “experience” while watching TV and surfing the web simultaneously. By airing television commercials urging consumers to visit your website and social pages, it will prompt prospective clients to visit your website on their Google TV at that very moment while their interest is piqued, leading to more serious inquiries and cases. Research by Nielsen has clearly shown that a large number of consumers already are viewing multiple screens simultaneously, so this takes that experience to the next level.

In addition, the interactive “experience” of your law firm will appeal to Generation Y. As stated in a previous article titled, “Law Firm Marketing: Embrace ‘Generation Y’ and ‘LOL’ All the way to the Bank,” Generation Y is the fastest growing consumer group, and should be targeted in lawyer marketing campaigns. Many experts have agreed that Generation Y will be larger than the “Baby Boomers” as a consumer group, but don’t be mistaken, they are just as “shopper savvy” as the “Boomers” when choosing a lawyer. It’s typical for the younger generations to use social media and the Internet to find a law firm, because they are searching in an area where they are comfortable. By providing the interactive experience, they can easily connect with your firm while they are still lounging on the couch.


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