Using Video in Law Firm Marketing to Generate New Business

I believe that video is the future of law firm marketing:

  • An estimated 100,000 law firms have launched video channels for marketing purposes on YouTube.
  • Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day on YouTube, which is the No. 2 most-visited website on the Internet.
  • More than 60,000 unique visitors per month view selected videos about business development on the LawMarketing Channel at
  • Putting video on your law firm website will improve its search engine results. Google, which owns YouTube, can detect the code for video online and favors websites with video.

Adding video to your webiste is like getting an audition with every potential client who views it

Tips for an effective video

  • Move when you speak, because video is designed to capture action. Most lawyer videos show someone sitting at a desk, which is boring. Try standing up and gesturing when you speak, which is how you talk to people in person.
  • Mind the background. What is seen behind you makes a big difference. Do not sit in front of your office window or a lamp, which will put your face into a shadow. There should be no distracting cars or people moving in the background. Get rid of the clutter too.
  • Don’t talk about yourself. No one is interested. Instead, talk about what problems you solve for clients.
  • Look at the camera as you would look someone in the eye. Avoid the quasi-interview style of looking off-camera at an unseen person.
  • Keep your video short – 2-3 minutes tops. Any longer and you’ll lose your viewers.
  • Get to the point in 8 seconds or viewers will move on.
  • The more light the better. Do not rely on sunlight or office light, which will produce unwatchable, dark and off-color videos.  

For more tips see this video.

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Gerry Oginski - August 16, 2011 3:01 AM

Once again, you hit the nail right on the head.
Your viewer EXPECTS you to now have video. They want to SEE you, HEAR you and see what kind of useful info you have for them.

Thanks for another great post.


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