40 Million Google Plus Users Can't All Be Wrong

There's been lots of chatter that Google dropped the ball with its new Plus social network. There was the story that Google management wasn't using it. There was a 60% drop in use after a 1200% surge in users after opening up to the public in mid-September.

Even my esteemed friend, social media maven Nancy Myrland, mused, "Google let too much time slip by, perhaps missing a window that stayed open for several weeks. Enthusiasm from potential users was diminished...because people are very busy, and somewhat overwhelmed with the other tools they are still using and learning.”

Then cGoogle plus, law firm marketing, legal marketingame Google's earnings report stating that Google+ is up to 40 million members. Well shut my mouth. That's a monster increase. It appears that people do have the bandwidth for a new social network. I personally made room in my life for Google+ by deleting my Facebook page. It was a complete waste of time.

I like Google+ because it's easy to post an update, my stream is tidily narrowed down to the 54 people I want to follow, and 269 people follow me. It's got a good signal to noise ratio. Check me out in Google+.

Each post has more information than Twitter. I've met interesting people I haven't encountered before. You don't need an invitation to join any more. Kevin O'Keefe uses it. What's not to like?

I mean, look what happened when a notorious dictator learned about Google+.

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Rebecca Wissler - October 14, 2011 9:09 AM

These are very interesting stats. And 40 million is a huge number. You support the argument, however, that Google+ does not satisfy a need in that you deleted your Facebook page. It works better for you than Facebook, but it does not entirely fill a void that existed despite competing social networks. I use Facebook and Twitter a ton and just haven't been able to identify the "plus" in G+.

Nancy Myrland - October 18, 2011 2:26 PM

Thanks for the mention and link Larry. As I mentioned in my post, people make the time for something they're excited about, so it's up to Google to get, and keep, people excited about its bright, new, shiny product. I like it, and will continue to develop relationships there, as the education, networking and ability to share and educate are definitely there. Once numbers are achieved, it's a marketer's responsibility to keep those churn numbers as low as possible. Again, thanks for the mention, and always for the conversation!

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