3 Days Left to Take the Survey on Social Media

social media survey, legal marketing, law firm marketingThere are only 3 days left to take the national survey of lawyers and law firm marketing directors and CMOs  on the use of social media tools in legal marketing.

Visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NG88ZGL and take the survey right now.

Sponsored by Lawyers.com, Martindale-Hubbell and Vizibility Inc, the purpose of the survey is to reveal the extent to which legal marketers currently use social media to build their brands online and attract new clients. It will also explore:

  • Participants’ future plans to incorporate social media elements into their marketing campaigns
  • The types of tools they plan to use
  • How they measure campaign effectiveness
  • Social media policies

To encourage widespread participation among busy professionals, the survey is brief – fewer than 10 questions – and takes only a few moments to complete.

“We know the use of social media marketing by lawyers is growing, but there’s not much information available on the specific tools attorneys use, what they hope to gain and how they measure ROI,” said Vizibility founder and Chief Executive Officer James Alexander. “We hope this survey sheds additional light on a phenomenon that is mostly understood anecdotally today.”

The survey will close on Friday, November 18th. Survey participants who provide their contact information get a first look at the findings. Take a few minutes and visit  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NG88ZGL right now.

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Jerome Kowalski - November 15, 2011 4:49 PM

I don’t know about you, Larry, but if I see one more article telling me how important it is for me to grow my practice through social media, I may toss a grenade. If I see one more article entitled “Seven Important Steps to Take to Improve Your Social Media Presence”, I may toss a brick at my computer screen. If I get invited to one more webinar in which the sponsor promises to deliver the real secrets of social media, I will probably toss my laptop out the window. And if I get one more solicitation from somebody who touts himself or herself as the world’s greatest social media expert (whose most recent prior work experience was working as an accounts payable clerk), I may see if I can lay my hands on one of those Army surplus “Fast and Furious” weapons. I think we are all getting burned out on using social media, as I described in http://kowalskiandassociatesblog.com/2011/11/15/growing-your-law-practice-productively-a-twelve-step-program-for-curing-social-media-addiction/

Social media is actually an amazing tool which has revolutionized marketing beyond anybody’s expectation. Its reach, scope, effectiveness and negligible hard cost are almost beyond description. After all, you are reading this piece, as will several tens of thousands of others through that medium.

But like every one of life’s special pleasures, social media has the potential for becoming a consuming addiction, preventing you from actually carrying on your craft.

On his old television show, “You Bet Your Life,” Groucho Marx interviewed a contestant who had twelve children. He asked him why he had so many kids. The contestant replied by saying “because I love my wife,” to which Groucho replied “I love my cigar too, but I do take it out once in a while.” You may love social media, but you do need to take a break from it sometimes.

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