Am I making the right business choice?

Today's post is a by a guest author from LFS Legal, Belinda J. Darling.

Running a business of any kind- be it a hairdressing salon, a media monitoring business or a national chain of furniture shops- entails making multiple decisions every day. Some of those decisions have small consequences- who is going to man the phones while the receptionist takes his break?- while others have much larger and far reaching consequences. Learning how best to approach the decision making process will mean your business runs in a more harmonious and productive manner.

Many of the business choices you’ll face will involve staff. People managing is a tricky business but with a considered and respectful approach, you’ll create a positive and proactive working environment. Let’s look at some examples of the types of decisions you might face. Your chief sales manager is good at her job- but it’s fast becoming apparent that her skills and knowledge would be better suited to a marketing role. You can see that installing someone else in the sales role would boost revenue, while utilising the skills of the sales manager in the marketing department would be beneficial in drumming up new business. The problem is, your sales manager loves her job and has never registered any interest in switching departments.

The key here is to make your sales manager feel she’s an invaluable member of the team. It’s been repeatedly established in studies of the workplace that employees thrive when they feel valued. Suggesting to your sales manager that the marketing role needs HER unique contribution will help her understand and accept that rather than being pushed out of her job and cornered into another role, her talents are being recognised and her skills put to use accordingly. To learn more about making the right business choice, get in touch with the experts at LFS Legal.

The benefits of making the right business decisions, particularly where your employees are concerned cannot be overstated. Happy employees work harder, feel personally invested in the business, and have better retention rates.


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business law firms in phoenix - September 24, 2012 6:15 PM

This is a question every business owner asks probably on a daily basis. Many times you may not know the answer until trial and error is done. You made a great statement here - Happy employees work harder, feel personally invested in the business, and have better retention rates.This is one thing that every business must know and understand and put it into play.

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