SpyFu Offers Competitve Keyword Intelligence for Law Firm Marketing

Spyfu google adwords keyword competitive intelligence law firm marketingNow there is a way to find out what keywords your competitors are using in their Google Adwords campaigns: SpyFu based in Scottsdale, AZ.

  • Enter a URL and you'll see the top 10 keywords the domain website is using in their pay-per-click campaigns.
  • It will also show you every keyword the company has bought on Google Adwords, the company's daily Adwords ad budget and how each keyword ranked in organic search results.
  • Enter a keyword into the search box and you'll see the top 10 domains that are using it in their pay-per-click campaigns during the last few months.
  • Click on a colored box for a month, and it will display the advertisement connected to the keyword or URL.
  • A chart will display the cost per click, the clicks per day and cost per day.

Spyfu ppc pay per click keywords google adwords law firm marketing

It's online competitive intelligence that provides a detailed picture of their "secret marketing formulas." If you are paying for an Adword campaign, you can steer clear of dead-end keywords, spot hot buttons that drive clicks and mimic ad copy that is working for big-budget advertisers.

For example, if you've been using the keyword "executive compensation" you may discover that potential clients are searching for the phrase "wrongful termination." Once you know which keywords convert into sales or clicks, then you can put those words onto your website and can get organic search results from them.