Really Bad Direct Mail Marketing

Sometimes I get direct mail marketing that is so bad, it hurts.  Ordinarily, when a person sends me a hand-addressed, stamped envelope marked "Personal," I expect a personal message. I anticipate reading the handwritten note inside.

But today I got five hand-addressed, stamped envelopes all marked "Personal," each one to someone who didn't live at my address.  The names were all people I knew -- in Boston, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco and Raleigh, NC. My first emotion was to feel sorry for the poor drone in Denver who had to hand-write and affix stamps to hundreds of these letters. 

My second emotion was contempt for the cheesy marketer who bought or used a really lousy list, and went through the phony ruse of sending me a personal letter.  Inside was a printed flier advertising space in an office building.

Please tell me in your comments: should this direct mail dreck to the manager of the office building and have their marketing company fired? Or should I be nice and just toss them?

Really bad direct mail marketing