Credit Crisis Litigation -- The Hottest Practice area

Kevin Lacroix, hot law practice, law firm marketing, marketing directoWEBINAR PRESENTED BY: Apollo Business Development 
SPEAKER: Kevin M. LaCroix, Esq. 
DATE: March 12, 2009; 1PM - 2:15 PM Eastern
LOCATION: on the web, on your computer
CONTACT: Laura Kresich, Program Director; (Tel) (773) 966-9273 or
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The subprime loan crisis created a giant wave of commercial litigation that will surpass the number of cases that grew out of the Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980s. Since we last presented this program in September 2008, the economy has worsened significantly, creating multiple new opportunities for legal work.

Lawyers who want a large and profitable caseload of litigation that will last for years will get smart about credit crisis litigation now. This webinar is designed to do exactly that: identify the causes of action, the plaintiffs and the defendants -- and show you the business development techniques to amass clients in this historic surge of litigation.

Lawyer Kevin M. LaCroix has been lecturing and writing a blog about credit crisis litigation since it began. Mr. LaCroix has been involved in directors’ and officers’ liability insurance issues for over 25 years. He began his career as a coverage attorney and partner at the Washington, D.C law firm of Ross, Dixon and Bell.

"I’ve gotten a lot of calls, especially in the last six weeks from lawyers who are not active in the sector and want to become active, but they don’t know how to get into it – how to get up to speed and how to attract clients, what areas to focus on," LaCroix says. "There’s more litigation and it’s evolved."



Save $50 by registering on or before February 27, 2009.
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Valorem's Law Firm Marketing says "We killed the billable hour."

If you’re going to create a brochure, it’s best if you make it distinctive.  My latest favorite is the Valorem law group’s brochure.  They show a clock (from their building in Chicago) shot through with bullet holes.  You open it up and it says, “we killed the billable hour.” 

Not only is it memorable and different but it expresses a powerful unique selling proposition.  It contains no lawyer bios or practice descriptions, and is designed to prompt readers to visit their website:

I love their selling points inside the brochure:

  • Every invoice contains a "Value Adjustment Line" where a client can mark up or down the firm's fee.  "If you don't believe the value we deliver is worth our proposed fee, you adjust the bill," the brochure says.
  • A page that says "We listened. (Carefully). Client complaints: Hourly billing only. Annual rate increases. Unpredictable fees. valorem, billable hour, law firm marketing, marketing directorBoiling the ocean to make a cup of tea."
  • "We created a new business model: You define success, we achieve it, you know exactly what it will cost."
  • A reprint of a letter to the firm, addressed to "Cool Law Firm."

They also show their sense of humor, saying, "We take our work seriously. Ourselves, not so much."  They have a picture of their boardroom, with "Bored Room" etched into the glass. There's a picture of a hallway sign that warns, "Beware of Brainstorms." And the fine print on the back says "In creating this brochure, no real clocks were injured or killed."


The brochure designer is Jon Heiniger in Chicago. For more info call Nicole Nehama Auerbach at 312.676.5469,