Worst Lawyer Website Bio Photo EVER

When a client or prospective client visits a lawyer's bio, the reader expects to see a smiling color photo, description of the lawyer's services and perhaps some case histories. I was astonished to find the bio of David Spencer, a real estate lawyer at the British firm of Bower & Bailey:

worst laweyr bio picture

That's right: an empty chair. Nobody home. Talk to the chair.

The "chair as photo" is so hilarious that Above The Law is running a competition on how to make this bio better.  "We’d like to use this photo as the basis for a possible contest. Take the bio above, including the photo of the empty chair, but strip out the biographical paragraph for David Spencer. Now compose an alternate bio. Place it in the comments to this post." 

So far they have 56 comments including: "Herman Miller is the chair of the Associate Morale Department at Biglaw Firm."