Hi-Tech to the Rescue

I had a real "Legal Tech" moment today as I was entering the room to speak on the topic "The Latest Web Technologies and Tricks for Generating Clients"  at LegalTech in New York. One of my co-presenters came up asked me two minutes before showtime, "you've got my slide show on your laptop, don't you?"

"No," I said, puzzled.

"Well I emailed them to you two days ago."

Aha! I had left my office two days ago to come to New York and my trusty assistant reads all my email in my absence.  She sorts through all the messages and forwards the really important stuff to my secret email address.  I hadn't checked email in two days, and my colleague hadn't phoned me to check that I got the slides.

We sat down at the speaker's table and knew how tense my copresenter felt in front of the crowd of people.   PowerPoint slides are the sine qua non of presentatations to tech audiences.  We bought some time while the third panelist started the program going.  Meanwhile I remembered that the Hilton Hotel had Wayport wi-fi and I managed covertly to log on wirelessly as the program proceeded.  Once online, I went to my secret email address and discovered the slides.  I downloaded them on the spot, and tapped my colleague's shoulders as the slides displayed on my laptop screen.  No one in the audience was any the wiser.

I was even able to add a colored background to the slides and the presentation went off without a hitch. Technology saved the day.  How appropriate at Techshow. 

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