Getting PR from Bloggers

Edelman The Edelman PR firm has published an excellent document about Blogging, entitled Trust "MeDIA" -- it's a 22 page document that is "the 1.0 Guide to the Blogosphere for Marketers & Company Stakeholders." 

Bloggers are now as desirable as newspaper and TV reporters as PR targets.  Edelman has some excellent tips for getting PR from bloggers.  I quote:

* Read the blog. Try to understand what and why the readers like the blog site.

* Bloggers write about only what's interesting to them, so connect with the blog author by sharing information that his or her readers might appreciate.

* Engage with the blogger on topics he or she has raised, thus establishing the relationship first.

* Don't wear out your welcome. Make choices about who to contact, when to contact, and how frequently.

* As with mainstream media writers, what's important are the relationship and trust developed over time.

Edelman2 * Provide information, kernels, links, and other resources; don't just shower bloggers with canned press releases. Instead of sending a press release as a Word document, for example, send only the link to the press release on the company Web site. Send links to existing news stories, blog entries, videos, audio recordings or other resources that bloggers so love to share.

* Beware of spam. Contact bloggers judiciously, always conscious that everyone likes as little spam as possible. (Comment sections on blogs already are being targeted by traditional spam, so don't add to the fray).

* Be honest and transparent about your motives and intentions. Make sure the blogger knows you are a marketing or PR professional.

* Read the blog author's "rules of contact." Honor "do not call" requests. If a blogger makes it clear that he/she no longer wants to hear from you (whether by phone or e-mail), remove the name from your list.

* Choose the best person to engage with bloggers. Bloggers might prefer to also talk to someone in the company directly involved in the product, news, issue or event rather than with a spokesperson.

* Like all writers and reporters, bloggers like being first...with an insight, an angle, the actual news, etc. Spread around your "tips" and "exclusives" so that no one feels slighted.

Thanks to Kevin O'Keefe for announcing that this report was available on his blog.

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