Last Will 'n Testomint

Million_dollar_bill_1I go into the slaughterhouse in a couple of minutes.  If I die before I wake, and being of semi-soft mind and body, I hereby bequeath and bestow:

  • My vast fortune in novelty million-dollar bills to the members of the LawMarketing Listserv, the smartest marketers on the planet.
  • My workaholic writing compulsion to uber-editor Monica Bay, the only person I know who can write more copy than me.
  • My collection of PM Forum mousemats, banner, booth equipment and sunglass clips, to the members of the PM Forum USA, a classy collection of in-the-know marketers.
  • Laura_kresich100_1My old nickname "Uncle Lar" to all the early adopters who joined me online in the last century.
  • To my trusted CoMo (company monkey), researcher and personal Valium, Laura Kresich, I bequeath my new nick name "The Chi" (short for Chihuahua and a second meaning.)
  • My twisted sense of humor to blogger and marketer Andy Havens, the funniest guy I've never met.
  • My collection of Bob Dylan, John Mayall, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Pretenders, Wagner and other music CDs to fellow guitarist and songwriter Russell Lawson, Marketing Director of Sands Anderson Marks & Miller, P.C. in Richmond, VA, and longtime LawMarketing Portal Volunteer.  He's the best musician I've never played a tune with.
  • My multicolored tinted haircut, to anyone who takes themself too seriously.
  • To the thrill seekers of the world, a white-knuckle ride on the entrance ramp from I-355 southbound onto I-88 eastbound in my turbocharged and modified Subaru WRX.
  • My encyclopedic collection of issues of Professional Marketing magazine, to friend and fitness buff Darryl Cross.  He has the strength of many men and is the only one who could life them all at once.
  • My capitalist ability to pounce on an opportunity, to my admired colleague, Mike Cummings.
  • To all my friends, well-wishers and colleagues I didn't have time to mention, a big deposit in your karma bank and many miles of happy motoring.
  • Last but certainly not least, to my clients, I wish huge inflows of new business, big increases in revenue, enjoyment practicing law and business, and the ability to see in the dark.

Gotta go. They're calling for me now...

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YankeeMon - July 3, 2005 12:43 AM

Thanks, Larry :)

Don't worry -- it's scary, but you'll be fine. I've done the OR drill 6 - count 'em -- 6 times in 3 years -- and bought dear Dr. Pruzansky a least one yacht. The key to the first 48 hours: Resist any attempt at heroics and just take the Vicodin. (I HATE taking any drugs). It really works. :) Let us all know if you need anything.

Hang in there --
Yer Pal,
Ms. Carpal Tunnel & Arthroscopic Knees Poster Child

alex - October 21, 2005 3:19 AM
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