QR codes can add websites, bios, PowerPoints to your business cards

QR code, law firm marketing, legal marketing, lawmarketingFrom my article in Law Technology News:

A lawyer hands her business card to a potential client at an industry conference. The prospective client, the CEO of a technology company, notices a square block of code on the back of her card. Impressed, he pulls out his smart phone and taps an app to take a picture of the code. The screen reveals all the information on the business card plus a detailed bio.

He'll be calling soon with an assignment for the lawyer.

The hottest trend in law firm marketing technology is Quick Response (QR) codes — digital records that can contain entire web pages, v-cards and marketing information. QR codes are a bridge from something on paper to digital information about lawyers and their services...

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QR Codes in Business Cards for Law Firm Marketing

Law firms are starting to put QR codes on the back of lawyer business cards. When you use a smart phone app to read it, the code show you the lawyer's biography on a web page. (See here for apps for an iPhone, Android and Blackberry.)

Lawyers are putting QR codes on their business cards at the following firms -- to name a few:

  • Odin, Feldman & Pittleman in Fairfax, VA
  • Sherin and Lodgen in Boston
  • Duane Morris in Philadelphia
  • Novak Druce in Houston
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law firm business card, QR code, law firm marketing, legal marketing