Is your Website's "Bounce Rate" Like Your Blood Pressure?

Samantha Miller, the Senior Director of Product Management for Web Visibility Solutions at LexisNexis, recently posted about high bounce rates.  Is yours too high?

A website "bounce rate" is like a blood pressure reading. If either is too high, it's time to make some serious changes.

A bounce rate is basically the percentage of single-page visits to your website — or visits that do not result in consumers clicking on additional pages, including completing contact forms. For a small law firm or solo practitioner relying on a website to generate quality leads, a high bounce rate can be a problem.

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is not the only measure of a website's success. Bounce rates can vary widely by industry, and even by practice area within the legal vertical. There is no agreed-upon standard for acceptable bounce rates. However, if more than 50 percent of visitors to your website view only a single page, ask yourself the following questions:

Is my firm's contact information prominently placed on every page? A visitor may only need to view a single page, if your content is optimized properly.

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