HOW TO: Get Clients to Rate & Review Your Law Practice

Are you asking your satisfied clients — lawyers and consumers alike — for reviews or testimonials, and actively posting them on your website?

Do you ask clients to leave recommendations for your services at online legal directories and on your social media profiles like Google+TM, LinkedIn®, Facebook® and Yelp®?

If not, why not?

Consumer opinions and recommendations are the most effective forms of advertising. Everybody is showcasing some form of third-party validation these days, including lawyers. Granted, some states prohibit client testimonials on law firm websites, so you'll have to ask your provider about that first. But if it's permitted, encourage your clients to rate you.

Here's what you should do:

Proactively Ask Your Clients to Rate You

Prospective clients want to know how they're going to be treated once they hire you. They want to better understand your approach and personality. So ask your existing clients for feedback on your services and communication skills. Ask about responsiveness, the quality of service and value for the money. Was there anything about your service they found surprising? Be sure to solicit reviews in addition to getting rated.

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