Dragon goes back to the store

I returned the Dragon Naturally Speaking software to CompUSA today, because it only works on PCs.  And of course, I just bought a Mac.  But I got my $202 back!

After speaking with many computer users, I heard nothing good about speech recognition software.  The universal word-of-mouth is that it's "frustrating" and "requires a lot of patience."  This is a bad match for marketers with a "get it done now" personality.  Besides, my Macaw can recognize and mimic speech already.

Harry__larry_croppedAlso, I got my medical staples removed from my left shoulder and the surgeon said I'm healing up A-OK.  I feel no pain from having a titanium plate inserted with 7 screws surgically inserted, which the doc said was a very good sign.  He said I could even take off the Velcro brace that holds my left arm still.  That means I can type again, so who needs speech recognition software?

Marketing lessons learned:

  • Take word-of-mouth seriously and keep your receipts.
  • Be grateful for the little things in life, like the ability touch-type, tie your own shoes and drive a car. One-armed people have a difficult time with these things.
  • Be willing to change course when circumstances change.
  • Listen to your inner Macaw.
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Jozef Imrich - July 10, 2005 7:56 AM

Great links. Ta ...

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