The Surprising Importance of New Lawyer Announcements

law firm marketing, business development, larry bodineDorsey & Whitney, with more than 600 lawyers in 19 locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific region, just hired ten new partners.

At first I wondered why this was worth the effort of writing a press release.  Sending out new associate and new partner announcements is one of the routine chores of law firm marketing professionals. When I was an in-house marketer, I considered part of the scut work that came this the job.

Now I think differently. I was listening to an in-house corporate lawyer talk about the reasons that his company hires its law firms. He said, "we like to retain law firms that are hiring," he said. "It means that they a solid operation and in sound financial condition."

It turns out that telling the world that you're hiring is very effective law firm marketing.  To see some examples of my favorite announcements, please go to:

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